“We want Chicken,Ugali,Rice and mukimo” Kenyans denounce soda and bread to be offered in Moi’s funeral.

Mourners threaten to boycott soda and bread at Moi’s burial, demand for beef and chicken and as was the case during burial of the late vice president Wamalwa Kijana

Kenyans have expressed displeasure with the free snacks offer with some saying that is setting the bar too low for the fallen president. They want chicken, beef, ugali,chapati mukimo and rice.

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Simon Batoh has called on Okiya Omtatah to file a petition to have the organising committee disbanded for failing to take care of the mourners’ welfare.

” In the late VP Kijana Wamalwa’s burial we ate chicken, ugali, rice chapo at Kitale showground. We were well fed. Almost 50,000 people in attendance. A burial of a whole president you are giving us snacks!” said Danson Mateya.

Mateya was reacting to the statement issued by Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya that the government will provide free snacks for the first 30,000 mourners at the burial of the late former President Daniel arap Moi scheduled to take place at Kabarak in Nakuru on Wednesday.

Natembeya said each of the 30,000 mourners will be handed a soda, bread, water and a programme of the event on arrival at the burial venue.

The Regional Commissioner disclosed that 30,000 seats have been hired and set up under a mega tent for members of public expected at the event. He, however, noted that there will be enough space to host even more people should the number exceed 30,000.

For transport logistics, Natembeya said all school buses in Nakuru County will be availed to ferry people from around the area to Kabarak, adding that the County Government will also chip in to provide more vehicles.

Indeed, since Moi was a respected head of state the government should be able to provide a delicious meal for the mourners, soda and mkate is to make Mzee look cheap, watupee ata Maziwa Ya Nyayo basi- Danson Mateya added.


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