CS Peter Munya now says most desert locusts are pregnant and looking for laying ground and hence not eating much.

The invasion of locusts in the country has attracted varied views and theories about their lifespan, reproduction, feeding and movements patterns, all in an attempt to explain why it has remained tricky to get rid of them.

Agriculture CS Peter Munya who had earlier said the locusts were too old to cause damage has come up with another theory purporting the desert pests were now pregnant and would not be eating much.

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Speaking on Tuesday, March 10, the CS allied fears the stubborn pests would destroy food crops and result in food shortage, noting the egg-laying swarms were currently busy looking for safe areas to lay eggs.

His remarks came in the backdrop of rising concerns over the government’s commitment to contain the swarms which have so far invaded 22 counties.Ad

According to the CS, the government has already spent KSh 230 million on eradication of locusts and has been forced to add KSh 300 million to sustain the fight which he estimated to end in June 2020.

The Agriculture ministry is considering to launch public sensitisation programs to impart citizens in affected counties with the knowledge to deal with the challenge.

Munya said the government will add three more planes for aerial spraying in a bid to cage the hoovering swarms that move at an approximate speed of 120km – 150km in a day

Currently, there are six planes deployed for aerial spraying while the other three are for monitoring the movement of the swarms.


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