“I hereby curse you as the King of Maragoli: you will not be re-elected to Parliament,”Nelson Havi tells Babu Owino.

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Nelson Havi has stirred mixed reactions among fans and supporters of Embakasi East Member of Parliament after claiming he had cursed the MP.

The LSK president was responding to a remark made by the legislature on Friday, September 25, after he referred to the advocate as unintelligent. Babu Owino shared the remarks on his Facebook page after meeting lawyer Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba at his law firm where they discussed several pertinent issues among them being Nelson Havi “Spent my afternoon with senior counsel Silas Jakakimba at his law firm. Discussed about Chief Justice Maraga, Nelson Havi’s stupidity and Education to our children,” wrote Babu.

This did not sit well with Havi who then took to the comment section to respond to the MP reminding him of the two occasions he had represented him in court after he was arrested. The infuriated advocate did not end there, he went on and announced that he had used his position as the King of Maragoli community to put a curse on Babu’s political career. “I got you out of trouble with the law twice when you abused President Uhuru Kenyatta and no lawyer wanted to be seen with you,” Havi reminded Babu. “I hereby curse you as the King of Maragoli: you will not be re-elected to Parliament,” he said. The LSK president extended the internet battle to Twitter asking women from Embakasi East constituency to recall the MP for belittling the two-thirds gender requirement. He further suggested that Babu should be expelled from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party for having being charged with attempted murder. “Those in favour of Babu Owino being recalled by the women of Embakasi for belittling the two-thirds gender requirement and being expelled by the party having been charged with attempted murder say yes,” tweeted Havi. Havi comes from the Maragoli sub-tribe of the Luhya community and having undergone cultural traditions, he was seen by the elders as having achieved a level of respect to make him an elder.

He was made an ‘Umwilimi wa Balogoli’ at his home on Sartuday, Septmer 19. This is the highest honour that a man can achieve in the tribe. According to Havi, this came way ahead of time because he is young, but the elders believed he had achieved more than enough

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