Fairmont Norfolk hotel in Nairobi closes its doors indefinitely, fires all its employees

The Fairmont Norfolk hotel in Nairobi has closed its doors indefinitely and is set to fire all its employees as the impact of the novel coronavirus unravels on the business community in Kenya.

In a memo dated May 27, the Country General Manager Mehdi Morad told employees and other stakeholders that the business faces unpredictable uncertainties because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

“Due to the uncertainty of when and how the impact of the global pandemic will result in the business picking up in the future, we are left with no option but to close down the business indefinitely,” said Morad.

Morad said the business had been left with no choice but to terminate the contracts of all its employees.

“The management has taken into consideration various demands by the employees which at this time and given the current financial constraints, are out of reach for the company,” said the manager.

The hotel said that the fired employees will be entitled to one month’s pay in lieu of notice and will receive their pensions.

They will receive their termination letters by June 5, 2020.


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